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Spring 2016 Schedule

Let Your Imagination Grow!
Stones That Matter:
We recently received new shipments of stones including Ocean Jasper, Mushroom Jasper,
Chinese Writing Stone, Royal Savannah Jasper, Gila Monster Marble, Reverse Writing
Stone, Granilloite, Camouflage Jasper, Chrysocolla in Matrix and many

Looking for that special stone and having trouble finding it? Maybe an important
precious or semi-precious stone. We have
been sourcing stones for years. Perhaps
we can help. 1-800-873-4572

Please pay us a visit at BeadFest, August 21-24 in Oaks, PA so you can choose first
hand from our wide selection of matched pairs and single stones. If you are not
planning to attend the show, you are always welcome to visit our showroom in New
York. Although you do not need an appointment, always call before coming as we are
sometimes delayed by traffic or mother nature, or out of the office on errands.
We look forward to seeing you.
For Discounted Admission
Click Here []For more information call us at:
212-869-6332 or 1-800-873-4572