Sprayer For Prips Flux

A note worth mentioning concerning the container for the Prips
flux. I bought a chemical resistant plastic container at our
local “Container Store” with a very good sealing screw lid.I
then went to my local hardware store and purchased a cork shaped
rubber stopper to fit the container. Finding the exact center of
the rubber stopper,I drilled a hole all the way through it,the
exact diameter of the tube on the mouth atomizer(the tube that
goes into the liquid) I inserted the tube in the rubber
stopper.After using the device,I remove the stopper and atomizer
intact,clear the atomizer of any fluid,and put the screw lid on
the container to prevent evaporation.This approach prevents the
atomizer from just “hanging” like a straw in the container.The
cost of all of this was less than $5.00US. I hope I don’t sound
too simplistic,just want to help,lot’sa luck, lot’sa thanks to
Peter Rowe, John Barton Images By JJ