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Spray sterling earwires with lacquer?

Does anyone spray sterling earwires with lacquer to prevent tarnish?
Is there a health issue regarding the lacquer?

Thanks for your input.


Carolyn, please don’t spray your earwires with any lacquer. Most
lacquerscome with warnings against breathing the vapors or coming in
contact with skin, and the ingredients in some of them are
considered possible carcinogens. Alma

In addition to what Alma said. You really don’t want lacquer in
peoples piercings.

I’ve been making jewelry accessories for the past 10 years and one
of the things that I’ve learned is that the client/customer, KNOWS
whether or not they have an allergy or sensitivity to metals, and
which ones. A happy, educated customer will be a repeat customer. So,
why the interesting in spraying earwires with lacquer?

Coatings such as lacquer will eventually wear/peel off. Waxes will
rub off.

Then the piece will tarnish in spotty places. This makes sterling
(which is not cheap as you know) look like base metal. Again, not
something you want.

Your problem is to avoid tarnish on sterling earwires. Keep them out
of the air whenever possible. This means either storing in plastic
baggies with the silicone absorbent packs or small pieces of tarnish
resist papers. Air is the enemy! Spraying them with anything is
asking for trouble later. If your pieces are tarnishing out on
display, a few swipes with a polishing cloth will remove tarnish
quickly and efficiently.

Betty Leeper

Lacquer has lead in it. At least the good lacquer from back in the
day. Hot rod builders love the old lacquer paint because you don’t
have to wait for paint layers to dry while Laying down shiny coats
in between. I didn’t know you could still get lacquer. Or is there a
new formula that is without lead?

Rick Powell