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Spray Lacquer

Recently there has been a discussion of laquers and someone mentioned
a product used by the auto industry. Unfortunately, I deleted the
message. I’m looking for this sort of product in a spray can. Can
anyone help me out on this. Thanks. KPK

   Recently there has been a discussion of laquers .... 

To expand this discussion, I am curious if anyone has used Krylon
Matte Finish spray on their jewelry to seal the metal and prevent
tarnishing? (They make a non-matte as well.)

I have tried it on two different projects - first, and most
successful, was a copper, plasma cut, house address sign, which I
sprayed front and back with several light coats of the Matte Finish.
This was completed over 2 years ago, and the sign shows no signs of
tarnish despite being outdoors the entire time. The second project
was damascene inlay on steel, and since I neglected to clean up and
spray the back at the same time as the front, the piece is getting a
little rusty.

I have never used it on any precious metal, and so am curious if
anyone else has, and what the results were.

TIA, Ivy

I’ve never had good luck with krylon. My husband is a paint
contractor and we’ve experimented with many laquers for jewelry over
the years, and the only one that has ever worked for me is
"plasti-kote" hi-performance classic fast dry lacquer, which is a
spray automotive lacauer which I buy at Pep Boys automotive. It comes
in a silver can. I used to do alot of brass and copper accents on
silver, and I havn’t had a piece come back yet (after over ten years)
Wendy Newman

Dear Ivy, I have used it on one strange piece, ( a sterling object
which hangs on silver and gold chain). I know several jewelers who
use it on occaision on 47th St., though that doesn’t mean it is a
good thing to do! I’m not sure if it was matte or not. Becky