Spray Glue

Dave Colling wrote about creating wax stone seats:

   I spray the [stone's] back/side with 'spray glue"

I’m not familiar with this product. Could you please be more
specific about what it is, where it’s available, possibly a brand
name? Thanks in advance.

Rick Martin

Attn. Mr. Richard; Greetings; I recommend this stuff, as I use the Matt
Gun with that hot-hard, carving type of wax. This wax-(blue), will
Not stick to a hard surface. This ‘adhesive’, is found in any
paint-Hardware store. Weldwood has a fine ‘glue’. 3M products has
their-Super 77 spray Adhesive. The real benefit is that this
’spray-effect’ produces a FINE COAT onto the stone.But don’t use it
on your wax mandrel. I use ‘invisible’ Scotch tape–sticky side
out…Perfect… Do Enjoy— Dave (18k)