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Sponge Coral

I bought some sponge coral in Quartzite. I’m pretty sure this
material has been dyed and stabilized in some way but the sellers
couldn’t tell me anything about what sponge coral really is and how
it’s removal from the ocean affects the environment. I’ve searched
the archives and googled around but can’t find an answer. Have any
of you used it and what do you know about it?

I am sure a coral ‘nut’ will be happy to tell you but I know from My
own experience that many corals are illegal to buy and import and
sell. The only way I keep up with it is by checking the endangered
species lists and customs.

Coral can be harvested carefully to allow for the smallest impact on
environment as possible but it still impacts the environment as the
resources growth state is very very very slow.

Everything in life should be in moderation. Therefore , I reserve
any coral allotment I may have legally purchased to those who love it
to extreme. I can work in other media and do not believe it is the
best suited medium for cameos. :slight_smile:

America’s Only Cameo Artist

My understanding is that it is coral that some years ago was
considered not usable and was often discarded, but with dwindling
supplies of good coral, they have begun using the sponge coral and
impregnating it with resin as they do other porous materials so that
it can be cut and take a polish.



I’m not sure what you mean by ‘sponge coral’. The only thing I can
think of is dead coral that has partially deteriorated or been worm
eaten. Back in the days when Taiwan was a world leader in
carving/cutting coral for the world market, I used to see quite a
bit of it being brought in by the dredging boats. A good friend who
owned a coral cutting/carving factory, explained what it was and how
it was worthless. Essentially, it was just coral with lots of holes
in it! Right…it looked a lot like a sponge. It still showed the
original color of the coral; red, orange, pink or whatever, but
otherwise, it was ugly.

If what you are talking about is the same stuff, it doesn’t have any
effect on the environment because its already dead, except maybe
removing some materal that other coaral might use in reef building.
On the other hand, if they are dredging it, they proably are doing
human damage to the reefs.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2