Spirflame water torches

Sometime ago, Gary Wooding was kind enough to answer my question
about melting metal with a water torch… which sent me on a quest
for the best water torch I could find for my money. After more than a
year of research on this subject, I am confused as to why the
Spirflame is so expensive compared to others. Does anyone out there
know why?

Lucie Mann
Manx Associates

When I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ (about 15 years ago) and spend
real money on a water torch I’d never heard of Spiroflame. Here in UK
the big name was (probably still is) Microweld, which I couldn’t
afford. A unit I could afford was made by a company called Aquaflame,
which is what I purchased.

So, even though it would appear that there were at least two more
expensive units than the one I bought, I have found nothing to
convince me that I made the wrong choice. My ‘cheap’ unit has
performed really well and I haven’t noticed any short comings at all

  • but I have to admit that I’ve never tried a Spiroflame.

Regards, Gary Wooding

The Spiraflame has a multiple cell design - the others just have
single cell. The multiple cells are much more efficient , allow the
use of a lower voltage and produce more gas.


Dear Ms. Mann:

I suggest you obtain from a number of these firms and
makea direct comparison of each on your own. Simply put, the
Spirflame[tm] costs a great deal more to produce. The Spirflame[tm]
is a rather advanced unit. I worked for the firm for many years. The
Spirflame[tm] is fully patented “multi-cell” unit and this technology
was developed by Spirig the manufacturer. A Spirflame[tm] also has a
better range of flames, it can run much larger flames and much
smaller flames. These flames can also be easily adjusted and this
easily repeatable flame size, the same day after day is very helpful
for torch work. It is so accurate, it is the only microflame system
easily automated. A multi-cell unit produce s more gas (multiples),
much drier gas, more easily adjusted and more accurately controlled.
It consumes less electrical energy and is far more robust, can run
much longer time periods requiring less maintenance.

The other (single cell) units are an older technology which is
limited in gas production and requires more maintenance, more often.
Each unit has their place and value. And after sales service is also

It is a good example of, you get what you pay for.

Best Regards,
Gary W. Miller, Spirflame