Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheel

When I started to make jewelry, now 50 years ago, my father had 1" wide spiral sewn buffs that were great for initial polishing on wide flat surfaces. I never bothered to find where he got them and lost track of them for years. As a substitute, I have used typical buffs found at many of our suppliers, but they would begin to come undone, usually at the wrong time, with thread slapping me and the piece that I was working on. I discovered that these 1" tightly sewn buffs are manufactured just down the road from us at DICO in Utica, NY. I have ordered both 6" and 4" wheels and will pick them up tomorrow. Following is a link. DICO also makes a line of polishing compounds that I have used. I will report out how they work once I know. Stay tuned…Rob