Spiral Earring posts

I recently bought a pair of 5mm round stud earrings. When I
took them from the box, I found the posts different from any
I’ve seen. They are a spiral (two swirls) without any earnut.
Is any one familiar with this and are they secure and tight on
the ear? Appreciate any info.

Bob B

Hello Bob B ,I would guess those are nose rings , I have had to
make diamond nose rings for customers from sample nose rings
they have previously worn, not my favorite project , If you think
it is bad when they lick their finger to get a ring of ,well
,maybe some one is using the idea for earrings now.

It could be just a design element adapted from body jewelry which
was adapted from tribal jewelry. A very popular practice among
the younger generation these days is body jewelry. Alot of these
pieces are designed to stretch the surrounding flesh to make
larger holes. one design is to spiral the whole piece to maximize
the functionality of a streteching device aswell as being
decorative. The post you are seeing could just be a
design elemnt derived from body jewelry.