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Spinning ring repair


I have someone who broke the screw that hold this together, and
needs it fixed. She took it to a jewelry store and they didn’t want
to deal with it. Is there anyone who specializes in these type of
rings (spinning) that could repair it? She bought it on eBay… a
picture of it is at this URL (scroll down).

remove ebay link

I’ll forward your replies to her. Thanks everyone! -Iris Sandkuhler San


Hi there, We are jewelers who do a fair amount of repairs. The
spinning ring could be tricky but I’d would like to see it. If we
can’t fix it, there is a chance to fine the manufacturer and see if
they will do it. Sometimes this type of jewelry has a return for
repair clause… If your client is here in the Bay Area, she can call
me—Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan 760Market St. #959 San Francisco, CA
94102 (415) 362-4412