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Spinning lathes manual

Have a 12" Yates American J180 with extra faceplates. it has an 1 1/8
spindle and can be used outboard as well located in St Louis mo
reach me at @LKusher for more Thanx Leon Kusher

    Hi, Can any one tell me where can i buy second hand manual
spinning lathe? It; doesn't matter from wich country. 

I use a metalworking lathe, a Jet 920 that I modified with a variable
speed motor. It has a t-slotted crosslide and it was easy to make the
toolpost for it. I made forms from hardwood and aluminum in forming 5"
dish shapes from Aluminum. Most metal lathes can be used for spinning.

I have a Yates American J170 in excellant condition that was designed
for wood and metal spinning was used for pewter. reasonably price
located StLouis MO withmany faceplates for mountig forms.
contact @LKusher

Hi: I would also be interested in this thread on lathes, if you you
all have knowledge concerning this subject. If any of you have
concerning this subject I would greatly appreatiate any
on this informa. Thank you in advance for any and all
infor regarding this subject.

Richard Lindsay Publications Inc. has several books on this subject in
their winter 2001 catalog. PO Box Bradley IL 60915 (815)935-5353.

This company reprints old books on metal work, woodwork, machine
tools, steam power, etc. It is an excellent source for on
older methods of doing things. If you do get anything from them,
please heed the warnings and disclaimers! Some of our old technology
was (is) damned dangerous.