Spinner Rings

A hearty hello to the Orchid gang

I am hoping someone out there in Orchid land can tell me how to hand
craft a spinner ring. They are a ring that is actually 2 rings
together, one turning on top of the other. Below are some links to
some pictures of them. http://www.ldsliving.com/browse.asp?cat 20

I have been trying to make them and either I solder them together or
the spinner won’t stay on the other ring. Any ideas? I import them
from Mexico right now but would like to be able to custom make them
as well.

Thanks alot
Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady)
K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.

I have also tried making the “spinning” rings after I saw some on
Ebay. The closest I’ve come to getting them to stay together was to
make the innermost ring wider and by folding one edge, inserting the
outer ring and folding the other edge of the inner ring.

I’m sure there is a better way

Jonathan Brunet

I have a friend who has been making spinner rings. First she makes
the base ring, then solderes on one of the fixed outer rings, slips
on the spinner, covers everything with yellow ochre but the
remaining outside edge of the base ring and finally solders on that
edge. Works like a charm. Betty.

I Used to make spinner rings many years ago by casting …or hand
fabricating an inner and outer ring, Then I would put them on a
mechanical ring stretcher and stretch the inner ring until it held
the outer ring in place and still had movement. Models had to be
made special so that they were the correct size after stretching .
Clearance on the inner and outer ring was minimal so that not much
stretching was neccessary…

Another possible way to do this would be to use the reducing rings
that are built into the bottom of a ring stretching tool… Just
another way… Daniel Grandi Racecar Jewelry co. inc.

We do casting , finishing and a whole lot more for designers
and people in the trade contact : sales@racecarjewelry.com

To make a free moving ring held inside another ring, I’d use my
hydraulic press.

Fabricate the ring that moves. Then make a wider, but smaller ring.
Then very carefully flare the edges of the wider ring to hold the
outside ring.

Another way would be to cast three rings - the center one, the
inside one with one retaining wall, and a separate retaining wall.
Solder the separate retaining wall to the inside piece, after
applying an antiflux to the moving ring.

Judy Hoch