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Spindle mechanism for bench grinder

Hi Experts,

I have a 6" bench grinder that I use for jewelry making. One end is
fitted with a tapered spindle so that I can change wheels. The other
side has a 1/2" screw coming directly from the machine.

Where can I get another spindle mechanism so that I can use both
sides of this machine—one side for buffing and one side for rough
finishing. Have tried hardware stores, Rio Grande and machinery
shops. I have 3 brass tapered spindles, but cannot find a reducer to
attach to the machine.

Any Ideas?

Before you do any more work on your polisher, check that the thread
on your brass tapered spindles goes the right way. One side of a
polisher is rt hand thread the other side is left hand!!.

If it goes the right way then you need to find someone local to you
that has a center lathe. Smile nicely and im sure they would make an
adapter for you. at cost. they will need both the polisher and the
new taper to measure it up and fit it so its concentric, and wont come
off in use.

find someone with a lathe


just checked Rio Grande and they have tapered spindles for a 1/2"
shaft, which should fit your bench grinder. I have a Hope Depot
bench grinder that I fitted with a tapered spindle from Rio, and I am
very happy with it. There are separate ones for the right and left
side, so if you get the proper one you should be fine.

Janet Kofoed

Diamond Pacific may have a lot of options for a tapered spindle.


Hi Guys,

I’d just buy the right part for the grinder.

Buying an adapter is a good solution if you can get it free or diy,
otherwise just buy the spindles.

Regards Charles A.

hardware stores, home supply stores, etc. often carry them far
cheaper than jewelry vendors-- just know the arbor size it will
screw into and the spindle size you’ll need to make the half price
hardware store ones fit (ace hardware carry’s a line of their own
branded items, and Forney- another tool manufacturer that carries
everything from diamond cut-off wheels to mounted points,etc., buffs,
compounds… many things you need for the bench at far less than
Rio’s prices for essentially the same things )…rer

FIND WHO SELLS BRASS-TUBING of stack-able sizes. Hammer them in until
you get the neck-down you need. File or grind the end smooth and or
drill-out to the near size you need, then hammer it on a little at a
time, checking for wobble that will need correcting.

Stephen Wyrick

Hello Orchid members, I had asked about a spindle for a 1/2 " arbor
on a bench grinder. Someone suggested I try Rio. Called and talked to
a technician. He said their spindle should work. Voila!!! I received
it and am using on an extra machine.

What a timesaver!
Thanks Orchid member!
J in Wi. where the leaves are astounding!