Spin casting equipment?

The following is a letter that I received recently. I hope that
someone can help with this.

Susan Sarantos

Hi’ Susan, we have a small company in Australia called Lyncre,
we are involved in the supply and distribution of high quality
costume jewelry pieces. Very soon we have to set up some volume
casting using what we call spin casting down here, I need to
locate reliable suppliers of spin casting equipment, however when
we use the internet search engines it is very difficult for us to
find much reference to them. Can you please inform us of
companies that can offer very good equipment to suit costume
jewelry production. With the advent of the olympic games in the
near future in Australia we are receiving continual requests for
brooches and small pins in native animal designs. Whilst these
need to be affordable for our customers, we still wish to pay
good attention to design and detail. Currently we do organise
manufacture in several countries of many of our designs, this
will still continue as we love our suppliers and they are very
honest and good to work with. But because our local government
is prepared to support and assist some localised production at
this moment in time we feel that it’s a good opportunity to
commence some production here as well. Best regards from Heather
Casey Lyncre Pty Ltd, 12 Logan Street, Hamlyn Heights, Victoria
3215 Australia Phone: 613 52789115 Fax: 613 52789020 Email: