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Spelling, who cares 'DITTO'

As with all things of Mice and Men, things go astray. I feel my
comments regarding tips on producing websites have been taken out
of context. This spelling fixation appeared to crop up around that

Clarification is in order. If you design a website to promote
yourself or your business by all means do the best possible in
spelling and syntax, this is not only necessary, but expected. Use
your spell checker and have someone proof your text before posting
it. This is expected in a professional, business presentation. A
potential customer’s first impression can be very negative when
faced with poorly crafted product This can, and does,
lessen the viewer’s opinion of even the most beautifully crafted
work. After all, a website is a reflection of the person and their

When communicating via a bulletin board such as orchid, relax, do
the best you can, everyone makes mistakes in spelling, but even
with mis-spelled words, the message gets across. So quit worrying
about your spellings on the keyboard and enjoy life again. With
this said, let everyone ‘drop’ the spelling issue…orchid space
has better uses… :slight_smile: