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Speedbrite review

Hi, Been meaning to write to thank everyone who responded to my
inquiry about the speed brite unit. I have mine now and am astounded
at the results it gives me. I would like to pass on this advice about
it that I have learned for anyone who may purchase one in the future.
Buy the one with the turbo unit and stainless steel basket. It will
cost you about $200 but it will be worth the difference. As I
understand it, if you do alot of silver, the silver may darken if you
let it touch itself or if you overdo the time of cleaning. Evidently,
this is not a problem with the turbo unit as it keeps the water
solution moving and for some reason (even the distributor does not
know why) the stainless basket prohibits the silver from turning
dark. I have loaded my to the hilt with silver that touches itself all
over the place and run it thru several times and no problems at all.
This device has saved me HOURS of cleaning and does a better job than
I ever did. Pearls and soft stones go thru it no problem and look
great. Finally a product that not only works, but exceeds its claims!
Thanks again, Suzanne