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Speedbrite on ss chain

Ruth, SS conducts much faster than gold so we suggest a shorter
exposure time to the electrical bubbling process. Set for gold
@30 sec +/- & ss@ 10 to 15 meaning the small the weight of the ss
item the sooner it comes out. The solution alone will take care
of most silver chain & can stay in soaking indefinitely. Larger
ss items will have no problem with full cycle We had to pick an
optimum working time & 30 was best for gold ,so we try to
caution silversmiths to watch for bubbles covering piece and its
done,already.If silver is thick with tarnish as antique, repeat
your procedure several times ,it will come off in layers,this is
better than one long exposure. If black does occur dip in pickle
solution, diluted white vinegar or use baking soda. You can also
use a dipping in & out to get spots off or moving around in tank
to avoid hot spots. Probably the safest procedure for small box
or bead chain is soak in our G/S solution for short time rinse
dry with towel.

Hope this helps, @Jim2