Speed Brite Ionic Cleaners

Greetings all, I’ve had customers ask about buying their own
ultrasonic cleaners but they always shy away once they hear what the
machines cost. I have noticed, however, that battery powered "ionic"
cleaners are available through the supply houses.

Are these at all effective? Will they handle hand lotion, pie
dough, and garden dirt (the primary jewelry contaminants as far as I
can tell)?

Any opinions or experiences with these devices would be appreciated.

Thanks, Les Brown L.F.Brown Goldwork, Inc. 17 Second St. East, #101
Kalispell, MT 59901 406-257-1129 Les Brown L.F.Brown Goldwork, Inc. 17
Second St. East, #101 Kalispell, MT 59901 406-257-1129

I bought a midsized model a few years ago and found it to be limited
in its usefullness. It did a nice job adding a "final sparkly’ finish
to an already clean piece, but as far as any serious cleaning
effect,minimal at best. Its a unique item that is best suited for
cleaning a customers item at the sales counter while you are
discussing a potential sale ,or cleaning up stock with limited dirt
buildup. There’s still nothing as good as ultrasonic, steam, or elbow
grease. Ed

These are not ultrasonic they vibrate the material at 60 hertz (they
use the line frequency of the voltage) not thousands of cycles that
a true ultrasonic transducer produces.



I have had a Speed Brite for about 4 years now and find it
ineffective for general jewelry cleaning jobs when compared to my
ultrasonic cleaners; however it is very good at tasks such as
cleaning the metal parts of stone set jewelry that should not be
placed in ultrasound (emerald, pearl, tanzanite,etc.). It is also
effective for removing tarnish from silver items (provided that there
isn’t any purposeful patina you’d like to keep on the piece). The
silver will need polishing after a stint in the ionic cleaner,
though. What they don’t do is remove the dirt and grime from stones in
jewelry because they only work where the electrical cuurent can
flow…they will soften the dirt making it easier to brush off in
areas where a brush will reach.

Paul D. Reilly
Colorado Springs, CO

Art, I think you are confusing: Speed Brite (which is an
electrochemical process, and which removes oxidation and other
’film’ on finished jewelry. And inexpensive “sonic cleaners” (which
are basically a vibrator attached to a tank of liquid.) You are
correct that the “sonic” is NOT ultrasonic. David Barzilay, Lord of
the Rings