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Spectrum Awards Tips

Hello again. I deleted something that I should have saved. I believe
the message was from Mr. Revere, though I may be mistaken.
Reference was made to a speech at the Orchid dinner, during which
time the Spectrum awards were discussed and tips were given for
anyone interested in applying next year. Did anyone take notes? I
was not at Tucson, and I would be very interested to hear insight
from those with know-how about the veritable Spectrum Awards.
Thanks again.

david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa

Brenda, Sorry I did not take notes, but there was much in the
presentation that would benefit many.

As a Judge, Alan gave an overview that would be of great interest to
anyone remotely thinking of submitting. I personally found it

Perhaps Alan Revere would consider making the oral part of the
presentation available in some form online. Edited :wink: of course.