Spectrolite source

Hi Everybody,

I have a customer who wants some work done with spectrolite, not
labradorite. She is from Finland and wants a special present made
with stones from her homeland. She found me through my web site and a
spectrolite piece I have on it. She said she really liked the stone I
had and wants the same luminescence and mainly the blue and gold
colors. Does anyone know a source for really good spectrolite that
will cut to spec? I will need about 5 to 7 round, oval or sq. shaped
10mm stones plus 3 to 4 similar shape 15mm stones. The time frame is
short so I need them as soon as possible.

Thanks for any suggestions on a hopefully not impossible request,

Nancy Bernardine-Widmer
Bernardine Art Jewelry

Hi Nancy, Spectrolite is a trade name for Labradorite from Finland.
Will Estavillo http://www.natureshop-gallery.com

My recollection is that the term “spectrolite” was formerly used
specifically to refer to labradorite with a black base color. In the
past couple of years, I have seen the term “spectrolite” applied to
transparent feldspar with color play and also to the more common grey
base labradorite seemingly at the whim of the dealer. Is there a
geographic or minerological limitation to the term “spectrolite” or
is use of this name literally dealer’s choice?

Lee Einer