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Specterite beads?

Hi- Does anyone happen to know where to find specterite beads?? I’ve
searched the internet but have found nothing. Thanks for any help!!


Good morning, Kara I may be mistaken, but perhaps you are referring
to spectralite. Spectralite is also sometimes called labradorite. A
search on these two may give you what you need. You might find
these at Fire Mountain Gems

I just looked, and they have labradorite 02083005044913&GEN
1=gemstonebeads&SKW=KWBDGSLAB but no listing for spectralite.
Regards, mskelly

Spectrolite and labradorite are the same gemstone. If it comes from
Finland, it’s called spectrolite. If it comes from Canada (or
anywhere else for that matter), it’s called labradorite. It’s also
know as rainbow moonstone though it isn’t actually moonstone but a
close cousin: Both are members of the feldspar family along with
sunstone, among others. The beads you’re looking for, Kara, are most
likely labradorite/spectrolite.


Hello I belive it is spectrolite this stone has got a peacock blue
and black color .this stone can be identified without any test and
another variety is called labrodrite it is white milky transparent
/and translucent / with blue and rainbow sheen is very much visible
and it is available in south india tamil nadu.

Tommy Joseph Gemmologist south India @tomyjoseph

Hi Folks…

Stuff is also known as spectrolite (if that’s what Kara is looking
for)… It is a type of labradorite (which is a kind of feldspar)
found in Finland that shows a spectrum of color moreso than
labradorite does…

Might try hunting on Ebay for it…it pops up everyonce in a while,
but I haven’t seen it in beads…

Gary W. Bourbonais

Kara - Do you mean spectrolite? If so, there are lots of sources on
the web and at gem fairs around the country. Try on the web, only one of many who carry
spectrolite beads. One variety is sold as rainbow moonstone,
another darker variety is sold as labrodorite. It’s very yummy
stuff. Good luck. - ct

Charleen Tyson Weigel