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Specifically designed jewelry packaging


Does anyone know of a source for velvet boxes/packers that are
specifically designed for handmade jewelry? Everything I can find is
for the dainty little pieces like you get at Zales. For example,
surely someone makes a ring box for a wide band? What about for cuff
bracelets? Pendants that have chains that will crimp if put in a
tiny little box, etc.

J. Sue Ellington


Ch. Dahlinger of Germany makes some very high quality, unique boxes
for jewelry. If you would like more email me off list.
Be forewarned: They are the slowest company we have ever dealt with.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140


Hi Sue I rep a packaging company, that makes packaging exclusively
for the jewelry industry. There are a few concerns that develop
when you get involved in a custom package. The first is generally
the cost, most designers, small jewelers do not want to incur the
"set up costs" involved in making a special package. Second,
production runs for custom packaging is generally approx. 5000
units. If you are still interested in a specialty box then my
suggestion is to take a stock box from a supplier and have a custom
insert made. To produce a custom pad for a 3x3 box you are looking
at an investment of about $500. to make a cutting die, and 5000
units. If you want you name printed on the insert add $150 for the
printing die. If you are still interested you can email me, my addy
at work is and I will be happy to work up a
quote. If you or anyone on this list would like a catalog just send
me and email and I will get it out to you this week. Best Regards,
Paul DeFruscio


I too am getting desperate! I’m willing to pay $50 and up for really
well made boxes but I just cant find them.

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040

   I too am getting desperate! I'm willing to pay $50 and up for
really well made boxes but I just cant find them. >Tony Konrath 

G’day Tony; have you thought of talking to a professional wood
turner to make something nice and unique? I always present my
jewellery items in a turned, lidded box.

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ


Aloha, I thought I would get into this conversation because the
Orchid List is truly a Powerful Organization. If individuals and/or
companies wanted to form a purchasing consortium for packaging,
quality packaging, then why couldn’t a nice generic, posh box do,
and each company inserts their business card or a nice tag with the

Specialty anything is pricey. So if one would like to stretch their
dollars, why not find out who might be interested. Find out what
the packaging company sells, standard sizes, minimum requirements,
and then post who would like to purchase how much.

Shipping goes to a central location, maybe CA. and from there is it
parceled out the shipped to the others. Is this work? Of course,
but if you could save say, $5.00 on a $6.00 box, wouldn’t anyone
want to do this?

So Sue and Paul, if you want to get something together that can help
lower costs, I’d be willing to pitch in as long as it is not made in
China. No offense, as I am part Chinese, but many Orchid members
have said boxes from China tarnish and may ruin metal quickly do to
the chemicals used. So what about it, everyone? Let me know. If no
one replies, that’s answer enough. Much Aloha, Waynette HQCE


Tony, I work for a jewelry box and display company. We have done
every kind of box you can imagine. We are currently making the boxes
for Faberge, Mikimoto and many of your high end and designer jewelers
. You might know Levinsons Jewelers down in Plantation or in you case
up in Plantation… We make boxes for them that are really over the
top. In short there is nothing that we cannot make. As mentioned
before the limitation is in the quantity. There are a number of
boxes that can look totally custom just by the materials used on the
box. If we have made a box for someone at some point and it is not in
the catalog it could possibly be used. The number of interior that
we make for boxes are more arrangements than I can remember. The hot
stamp die charge is 35 dollars. If you do not have artwork that is
usable we charge 65 dollars an hour. It never takes more than an
hour. We have access to more types, colors and textures of material
than you could possibly believe. Call the office and someone will get
you in touch with the local rep. We are out of Tampa FL.

Rodney Carroll the site is under renovation so it may not pull up all the


Try Rocket box.

they want you to buy in quanity, but they let me mix and match. I
hope this helps!



Good morning, You might want to try contacting Michael Allison in
Gurleyville Ct. He makes wonderful turned boxes. I have seen his
smaller bowls and lidded forms they are great!!! His email is Hope this helps , Helen


Hi, For expensive pieces, I’m buying enamel boxes, lacquer boxes or
cigar humidors. Then, I ask my bookbinder to create leather/velvet
interiors matching the piece and the box.

Best Regards,


Waynette, You have a good point. Many jewelers have gotten together
in groups and they use this purchasing power to get better discounts.
As I had stated in my last posting that I do work for a jewelry
packaging and display company. We do deal with such organization.
Some good, some not so good but that have been able to negotiate set
discounts for boxes, bags and displays. I was getting ready to send
out the NY show this week and have kept in mind this thread and there
are a number of boxes we have made in the past that we either don’t
have the account any more or the company is no longer around. Any of
these boxes could be ordered without any tooling charges. We can
e-mail or send photos or samples. I deal primarily with the display
side of the company so I do not know all the min order requirements
for the packaging. I do know that there is a 400 dollar min on most
orders. There are just so many options in that division I could not
begin to give them to you.

As for the issue with made in China we do not make anything in Asia.
We are well aware of the tarnishing issue. We lost HSN as an account
because they went to China and got a cheaper smaller box. The turned
all of the Suzanne Somers line black for them.

Rodney Carroll
little employee of Bufkor