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Special earring clasp

Hi all!

I have got a question concerning a very special earring I saw
recently. This earring was basically made of metal sheet (gold) and
a wire for holding the piece in place at the ear. To make it clear I
have made a small sketch of it. Please take a look at:

What I would like to know is, how is this earring closed. I looked
at it from front and back and there only was the sheet and the wire
through the ear hole. At least I did not see anything elseā€¦ The
problem was, that the earring was worn by a lady on an exhibition and
I did not want to bother her with asking after her jewelry. So, does
anyone have an idea, how one could make something like this? Or has
anybody made a earring like that and would let me know how the clasp

Thanks in advance!
sabinea art & design

Just a guess but, it seems that the post is probably hinged on one
side and then snaps into a clip on the other creating a mechanical
friction lock. Look at commercial hoops for the principal although
this is probably a bit more sophisticated. You will usually see the
hinge pointon one side and the post wire snaps between two wireson
the other side that come up and are shaped much like an antique
harp. The wire snaps in through the opening at the top
of the harp shape. Hope this helps. Frank Goss