Speaking of Sparkie

After seeing the generous donation of a Sparkie II on yesterdays
digest, it reminded me of a need I had. With 2 household moves in 5
months the unpacking was a chore and a joy to find what I hadn’t
been able to use in some time. I unpacked my Sparkie II with the
power pack, but apparently I didn’t get everything out of the box. I
was missing the black cord that pairs the welder with the power pack.
I called Triad Inc. this morning and they were only too eager to
send my missing cord to me. I offered to pay for it, but was
declined. They wouldn’t even let me pay for any shipping costs. I
applaud all the vendors who give to Orchid’s raffles, and wanted to
publicly say what a great product my Sparkie is.

Debi in sweltering San Diego