Speaking of Rhodium Plating


I’ve been reading these posts about the rhodium plating…

I have a customer who bought one of my beads and a silver chain to
hang it on…the silver chain is made nickle-free but she called me
after wearing the chain for only a day and said she had fallen
asleep in it and now had such an itchy rash around her neck. I
called my supplier and after searching his suppliers for rhodium
plated chains (with no luck) he suggested that I call some place
that could rhodium plate the chains for me. Ok - I call the place
he suggests and they say “No…we don’t do that and it’s not
something that would wear well anyway” - so now…I’m trying to find
alternatives for this woman so she can wear my bead on a chain
(without the expense of gold - and she would probably have a
reaction to the white gold anyway).

I’m hoping that someone on this board can help me…she is middle
aged, said she is starting to have her own personal summers (you
ladies will know about that) so her body’s chemistry is probably all
amuck right now - and I am really plum out of ideas of how to help
her outside of rubber cord or maybe perhaps a Chris’s Cable in
silver Niobium.

I look forward to hearing from anyone regarding this - please feel
free to email me directly as I need to contact her soon.