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Sparkie machine time saving techniques

Hello to all I recently acquired a sparkie machine, and was wondering
what the going rate for the service of fusing a pin clasp and
joint, earring post, earring clip paddle and joint on to a piece
would be. Any info on time saving techniques would also be greatly

Thanks destinyskeeper

John at Triad/Royal Findings is very helpful with tips and
techniques with the Sparkie machine. I do know that they will do
contract work, and charge a setup fee of $25 plus hour labor rate and
the cost of the finding. I have a Sparkie II and use it mostly for
earring posts, for both my earring line and for retail customers- we
charge $35 for 14k posts and backs. It takes a few minutes to change
the finding collet, and get the machine set up for a particular job
run. The last time I had Triad do some contract work, the job was
several dollars each pin for sterling joints and catches on a run of
60-72 sterling pins.

Rick Hamilton

Custom gold and platinum jewelry
CAD/CAM and conventional modelmaking