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Sparkie II

Dave said,

 It can (does) leave a little bit of a burn mark in the
immediate area of the weld, but that is relatively easily
cleaned... especially compared to boric acid, flux, solder,
pickle, buff, polish, etc.

I’ve heard (never tried it, don’t have a Sparkie) that putting a
drop of distilled water on the flat part (where the nib will
contact it) will eliminate the burn mark. Maybe someone could
verify this?


We use a solution of liquid detergent and water, brush it on the
surface of the piece we are fusing to. Sterling takes a
substantially higher voltage to fuse than most other alloys
because of its conductivity of heat and electricity I assume.

Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography