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Spare tools to donate to a looted/vandalized school?

Hello everyone!

My friend ( a fellow jeweler who is personal friends with the owner/teacher of this school) is raising funds for the Lagos Jewelry School in Lagos, Nigeria that was recently looted and vandalized during the protest in Lagos (that turned ugly to say the least…).

I am asking around to other jewelers if they would like to donate any tools to the school?

They took tools, finished pieces & materials like sheet metal, silver casting grains, wire, flexshafts, crockpots, butane torches, ultrasonic cleaner. Thankfully, they left the rolling mill. Lagos Jewelry School is woman owned and operated jewelry school.

She will be using a courier service to ship anything that we can raise to Nigeria since that would be the most cost effective way (by 11/9). Shipping directly there is quite expensive.

Anything would help, even if it’s just passing the word around. Thank you!

I have some things I can donate. Tell me where to send?

Ellen Lyons

We have things we can donate here @ David H Fell, please tell me where to send?

Thank you! I will let you know shortly.

I will send you a PM shortly with the info. Thank you so much!

the Toolbox Initiative run by Tim McCreight and M. Chiminee (hope I got his name right) is an organization that takes donated jewelry tools/supplies to various areas in Africa.

Thank you! I know about their great org and have passed the info along. I appreciate it!