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Spain Sites for Jewellery/Silversmiths?

Hi all I am off to Spain shortly mainly around Madrid Sevilla and
Portugal. Does any one know of Jewellery/silversmith related sites
there that are >> not to be missed so to speak and not the tourist run
either? Are there places where you can actually see the people at work??

Thanks for any suggestions that may be given to me.

Marjorie Lord


I lived in Spain and found Toledo a great combination for tourism and
metalsmithing. As well as being famous for El Greco and the architecture,
it is the center for damascene work and some of the shops have the workers
in the window. They are happy to have you come inside and watch the works
in progress and will explain, although I don’t think they speak much
English; I always asked questions and got my answers in Spanish.

Donna Wilson in Wyoming, USA

Take me with you, I don’t eat much and I’m very small.
I have not seen it myself, but other people have and they say it is
worth the trip:

Gilbenkian Museum (Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian, Mr 5%)
He commissioned a lot of the jewelrey made by Rene’ Lalique
(like the big dragonfly lady corsage holder).

Marjorie - I have heard that the Gulbenkian(sp?) museum has the largest
collection of Rene Lalique jewelry. I belive the museum is in Lisbon,
Portugal. Perhaps someone else on the list knows more about the museum
and it’s collection. Have a great trip.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA


for damscene work, toledo is a must. i was there 7 years ago and there was
several individual craftsmen working all over. but the factory near the
jewish temple is really great several craftsmen are working and love
to talk.

my wife who speaks spanish asked one of the workers how much he was
getting paid to produce a certain piece (she’s the cpa), she was
astonished that he was getting paid so little and told him he might have a
better life making more somewhere else. i thought for sure he would be
offended, but i was enheartened by his reply. he said i’m an artist
who is getting paid for what i like to do, i get to do what i want and how
i want. all of these people here are my friends. why do i need to go
somewhere else? - he said this without admonishment but with

a very inspirational place.

toledo is billed as a one day side trip from madrid. my wife and i stayed
there three days, looking and looking. +ACo-incredible+ACo- history there.
have fun.

best regards,

geo fox