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Space gold

Interesting article about the theorized origins of gold from space.

Thanks for the link. It has always been fascinating to think of how
the heavy metals had to have been created by stars larger than our
own sun. So wehave known for a long time that they came from outside
the solar system. I’ll have to read this new theory because I didn’t
think you’d need a star with the amount of mass a neutron star would
have just to create the gold element. I thought copper, gold, and
silver just required much larger stars than the sun exploding, but
not exotic and tremendously massively dense neutron stars. Is this
article saying that the slow or fast versions of heavy element
theory from stars exploding is wrong? Neutron stars are believed to
be much more rare than the many large stars that go super nova.
Neutron stars are so exotic to think about. Just to wonder what the
surface would look like because of the tremendous mass pulling
towards the center can blow your mind. Some say the surface would
look like liquid. The amount of mass in just one teaspoon of a star
is difficult to imagine. They will have torewrite a lot of science
books if they are saying you need a neutron star collision to create
Gold. Cool topic.

Rick Powell