Space between stones when flush setting

G’day all, hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to recharge a bit.
Working on a little pair of stud earrings in 9k yellow gold and 2mm round diamonds. The design consists of three diamond studs place in a triangle formation with the outside profile on the metal following the curvature of the stones. the stones will be flush/gypsy set. I haven’t done a whole lot of flush setting (I’ve just started my second year of my apprenticeship) and the flush setting I have done has only been a singular stone in a peice.
My question is, how much space do I need to allow for in between each of the stone and around the edge of the stones? in the little flush setting I have done in 9k, I’ve found that the rim around the stone that gets burnished, can end up getting a little wide, so I’m just a little worried that setting the stones close together may mean that the burnished edges my end up touching or intruding into each other.

The rough design bellow is what I think sorta looks right, I’ve left about 1.5mm all the way around the stones. I’ve also attached a piece that I’m taking inspiration from.
Any help much appreciated,

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Hi there,

my musings…

in terms of gypsy setting a 2mm round stone, i am visualizing a minimum starting wall thickness of .80…?…then cutting the seat, leaving .50mm wall thickness…?

so…maybe 1-1/2times thickness for between the stones…?

with thicker wall thickness being more for personal design preferences…versus a minimum neccessary for setting…you can certainly thicker…consider the ratio between stone size and metal width you would like…

just my 2 cents…


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Hi Mat. Loving your thoughts on the three stone earings. Strange that you have found a five or six stone pair. Why not cheat and do a Google search for the same thing in three stones. Over the years I have made “on demand” these three stone earrings. The position for the post really needs to be confirmed in your design very early in the piece before you start. Or, you could find that hooks are more suitable?
What ever you come up with in the design think of the soldering situation. AS a second year apprentice try and use the best tarnish protection and a suitable flux for 9ct. yellow gold. Prepolish everything because the centre piece of this design is going to be a deep dark hole I expect.