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Southern California Jewelry attractions

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of some must see
Galleries or other nifty (for a metalsmith) things to see in the
Southern California area (LA and south.)

Thanks for any ideas/info.


Hi Marianna,

You could come to Laguna Beach and see the Festival of Arts. There
is jewelry, sculpture, painting, etc., each day from 10:00 to
midnight for the rest of the summer. If you do, come say hi. I’m
booth number 49. Also, across the street is the Sawdust Festival. A
little lower end, but a fun atmosphere and lots of good stuff to

Hope to see you!


If you get as far south as San Diego, don’t miss Taboo Studio
( It’s a great jewelry gallery.

Steve Brixner

Hi Mariana, You might be interested in this show at the Long Beach
Museum of Art in Long Beach, Ca.

The Modernist Jewelry of Claire Falkenstein features over 100
examples of forged and cast metal jewelry - rings, earrings,
necklaces, buttons, brooches, pendants, bracelets, and vest-like
body ornaments - created between 1945 and 1980 by the pioneering
California-based sculptor Claire Falkenstein (1908 - 1997). Closes
August 15, 2004 Check it out, Dolores

Hi Marianna,

Here are some LA area galleries for you to check out: Sculpture To
Wear in Santa Monica (an absolute must-see), Freehand in LA and Del
Mano in Brentwood. If you do a search on any of these,
you will turn up individual web pages with directions, etc. If you
need more info, feel free to email me off-list.

Also, if you’re interested in high-end designer jewelry, a walk
through downtown Beverly Hills is always fun. If you decide to do
this, don’t miss the jewelry department at Barney’s as well as all
the individual stores (Tiffany, Harry Winston, etc.)