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Sources for rough stones?

This may be a novice question but I’m looking for a supplier of rough
stones in NYC. To this point I’ve only become familiar with
suppliers of faceted gems and beads.

I’d like to get uncut stones so I can play around a little.
Something a little fancier than tumbling some dinky rose quartz- I’m
searching for garnets, iolite, etc…

Not only am I looking for a source but an affordable one. I hear a
lot of people recommend certain stores for jewelry supplies (they
will remain nameless) but after inspecting their catalogs, they are
complete rip-offs.

Any suggestions? Thansk in advance.

For starters, you might try one of the local mineral clubs, or check
Lapidary Supplies in the yellow pages. If you attend a local mineral
show (usually announced in the weekend events section of the Friday
newspapers) you can contact dealers directly. Also, Lapidary Journal
lists many sources of rough . Or, you can just do what you’re
doing. Ask Orchid. It’s a wonderful source.

Thanks, and thanks
again, Hanuman.