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Sources for Mica

Hello All, Does anyone out there have a source for sheets of mica?
I’d like to use it instead of glass in some pins I’ve been working
on, but can’t seem to find clear sheets only amber.


In the past I purchased muscovite mica from Treasures of the Earth,
I think. It was clear, in large sheets(almost a foot long by about
eight inches – for two bucks!), and already split in to relatively
thin thicknesses; very suitable for covering photos, etc… The
photograph that they show currently appears kind of amber colored, so
maybe the sheets are not so clear in their current stock. You could
always e-mail them and ask.

Also, you can always do an internet search for muscovite mica or
isinglass. The best sources are mineral dealers.


Tar Heel Mica Co.
Plumtree, NC 28664
Tel: 828 765 4535

Asheville-Schoonmaker Mica Co.

I’m pretty sure Coral carries both clear and amber mica squares.

Enamelworks Supply Co.
1022 NE 68th St.
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: (206) 525-9271
Fax: (206) 526-5795
800 596-3257

usual disclaimer, satisfied customer et al, but this woman is a
phenomenal emameling resource!!


Try Thompson Ename
Thompson Enamel Co.
650 Colfax Ave.
Belleview, KY 41073
PHONE: 859-291-3800
FAX: 859-291-1849 (Fax)
(800) 545-2776

l. Pat DIACCA Topp

Thanks to everyone for their sources for finding Mica! It has been
very helpful.

Here is a little more info I received, just in case anyone else
might be interested…

I sent a query to Ashville Mica this is their
response: Thank you for your inquiry. For your trials, you can work
with mica intended for stove windows. It is split to a thickness of
approximately .003"/.005" and can be carefully cut with scissors or
an exacto knife. Check your wood stove/fireplace supply company or
hardware store for “stove mica”.

FYI…I did go to a local woodstove/fireplace shop and was able to
find an ash colored mica 3 x 5" for $4.50. I was told that they
typically do not order clear mica because it is more expensive and
not of interested to their customers.

Another source was American Science & Surplus If
you’ve never been to this site, it’s interesting! A very odd
assortment of stuff.

Thanks again for your help!