[Source] Wood Beads


Does anyone know of a US source for quality wood beads? Nice woods
that have a nice polished finish.

I’ve done a search on the internet, but haven’t come up with
anything good.

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Pam Farren

Pam try this source. They have some quite nice wood beads. I have
some of the Aussie Funky beads (I didn’t buy them, they were brought
to me by a friend who visited Australia) and they are very nicely
polished, nice shapes, varied sizes, and the shades of the wood are
varied from light to dark.

With the exchange rate, it is quite comparable if not in some cases
cheaper than the US. I ordered some things from them previously and
found them very nice to do business with, and the goods arrived
quickly and in good shape.

This may not be what you want, but check it out.



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If you want beads that have an oiled finish, try

"Noworrybeads and Buttons"
119 Lacey Drive, Aldinga, South
Australia 5173, Ph: 61 8 8557 7900. 

Robyn Turner’s beads usually have a very large hole for threading
onto leather, but you can ask for them without a hole and do your
own. They have been produced by tumbling and so are usually failry
irregular in shape, but this makes them interesting in my opinion.
But beware, the redgum beads are very hard and can be difficult to
drill through without the bit getting stuck. He does woods of
various colours. Robyn also does larger creations such a wooden
puzzles, and rustic furniture. Quite a character!

Elizabeth Gordon-Mills
PO Box 32
Langhorne Creek
South Australia 5255
(08) 8535 8212
0411 189 023

Hi Pam,

For the best quality and an infinite selection of wood finishes and
species, why not make your own beads? They could easily be turned on
a lathe in “rods” and then sawn apart and finished. Small lathes and
lathe tools developed for making wooden pens would be just the thing
for this, and I’d bet you could get started for around $100. I think
there would be a good market for nicely-done wood jewelry; not many
folks are doing it.

If there is a Woodcraft store near you, check it out - the one near
us is staffed by wonderfully helpful people who enjoy advising
customers with unusual projects. Their tools are quite expensive, but
high quality, so you might want to shop around a bit, but their
selection of wood species is excellent!

Good luck and HTH,
Jessee Smith
Cincinnati, Ohio

IF you are interested in making wood beads a good place to start is
Penn State Industries-- get a print catalog… They sell tooling and
blanks to make wooden body pens and pencils. Beads would just be
short pieces of pencil bodies. They about as reasonable in price as
any place: