Source - Wind up watch head

HI all, I’ve been trying to find a wind up watch head. Does anyone have a source or am I looking for a dinosaur? Everything that I’ve found to this point has been battery.

If you mean mechanical movements, Esslinger carries a selection of inexpensive ones.

Otto Frei carries a bunc of higher quality ones from ETA in Switzerland.

Thanks so much for your suggestion but I’m not a watch person. Would like one all put together!

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ive used both as a watchmaker. if i recall correctly, i believe it is
ottto frei where you can acquire a “watch kit” (movement as well as
the body)

Indian Jewelry Supply, Ijsinc.com, carries watches for mounting on cuff bracelets. They are either plain or have a Southwestern design. They are around $10. The descriptions doesn’t say if they’re battery or windup. Some are quartz movement and that indicates they’re battery. Call them to be sure.

Rick Copeland

Thanks Rick, I did call them and they said all battery-powered.

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