[Source] Wide mesh chain?

I’m looking for some wide mesh chain. I’d like to find something
like this although it doesn’t have to match:

I bought this unadorned mesh chain as an anklet many years ago. I
wouldn’t swear it was sterling, but it had tarnished darkly as it
lay in wait for 25 years behind another necklace and I polished it up
a bit.

The chain is about 6mm wide. Sorry for the poor lighting in the
photo - I never expected to use it anywhere.

Thank you.
Mara Nesbitt-Aldrich

I'm looking for some wide mesh chain. 

Try Metalliferous. Their catalog is on line.


I would try www.Metalliferous.com in NY (888.944.0909) and Jack and
Elaine Greenspan in CO (970.925.2726 - this may be old .

Hope you find the source.