[Source] Wholesale bead suppliers

I need to place a large order, mostly Swarovski crystals and pearls.
I was wondering what everyone thinks of pandawhole? What wholesalers
do you recommend for the best service and LOWEST prices?

Thanks in advance!
Robin Polizzi

I use Shipwreck beads because besides their large size and status as
one of the largest wholesalers in the UsA, it has been easy to
establish a working relationship with them. They keep their
employees for a long time, and it is easy to ask for the same sales
rep time after time. I use James and Tommy. They know my voice, and
I call and they have my account up on the screen immediately. I find
that by having a friendship with a rep, then if I have problems,
they get solved immediately. I like Shipwreck because I can order
just one or two of an item before I get a large order, and they will
tell me where the price breaks are. I also do business with Fire
Mountain Gems, but they have a 200 item break before the price is
wholesale, and I can not order that many items all the time.

I always check out other sources, but in 8 years, these are the two
that I keep coming back too.

You might want to take a look at

They carry factory packs of 1440 in several of the crystals and have
really the best (in my opinion) selection and prices of the pearls.
Ususal thing not affiliated just a satisfied customer.

Desta Marbury
Desmirada Designs