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[Source] White gold-filled wire

Does anyone know of a source where I can get a smallish supply (1-2
oz) of white gold-filled 28 gauge wire for a special order? I don’t
have a H&S account. T

hanks for your help.




H. Schmidt in New Orleans sells the stuff. They do business as 208
gold on ebay and etsy as well as having a 120 year old business.
They are reliable if you are totally clear about what you want and
make certain they repeat it back to you so there are no mistakes. The
woman takingthe orders on the phone can be a bit snippy ! One can
open a trade account readily and they wholesale to proffessionals
with a net 30 account if you ask (they won’t offer). by the way - 2
oz isn’t all that small- it’s on the way to getting a larger price
break from most vendors. Consider this: if you have jeweler friends
or metalsmiths in the area, if not a college jewellery programme-
post an advert announcing a group buy ( if you choose to take on
administrating it which is actually a simple task ) to up the total
troy weight of Ag, and Au… even if you weren’t planning to buy
silver it will perhaps attract more participants and more
participants more weight and savings for all…yes, the person
wanting only a few grams of gold mill products benefits from the
person buying a few oz. 's but unless you want to spend the time
calculating it, it all comes out beneficial for everyone…craig’s
list can be another method of getting participants but make sure you
give a time limit on putting in this order- ( like 3 days before
it’s placed, unless you watch the market and choose to buy according
to the lowest anticipated spot of a week’s period if not two ( as the
trend is downward for the next 3 weeeks to allow for professionals
to stock up for holidays!) If you notice platinum was cheaper than
gold this past week and gold is lower than its been in months…the
thing about 208 gold /H. Schmidt is buying directly from them you are
locked into the spot of the day whereas if you buy from their
website stores you get an advertised/static price as the pricing
structure is limited by the site’s policies ( etsy, ebay etc. don’t
allow daily changes ) so do your homework in determining what the
cheaper buying route may be before placing the order on the day you
choose to place it…if i can be of further assistance contact me off