[Source] Wax Wire

Anybody know of a supplier of wax wire smaller than 20 gauge? Sometimes
smaller wire would be a great thing to have for some custom jobs.

I asked a fellow metalsmith, he suggested using a draw plate to achieve
the gauge you need. He said to pull it very slowly and do not use sticky
way. It takes patience, but can be done.

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX

We carry blue wax wire up to 24 gage (.020"). Give us an email if
interested :@Eisinger_Enterprises Regards Roger Greene

Go to your local hobby store and look at the plastic wire assortments. The
wire is stiff and goes down to some very fine sizes. What I like about it
is that is is stiffer than wax wire. It almost has to be stiffer to be
useful at the finer sizes. Plastic wires will also burn out for casting. I
just burn a little longer than usual. If you use plastics for model work,
you have a lot of new options for models.

Best Regards,
TR the Teacher & Student

Romanoff has spools of 22 ga. wax wires. The price a couple of years ago
was $15.60 for a spool. They mention that they are also available in 1/2

Romanoff International Supply Corp
9 DeForest Street
Amityville, NY 11701



Hi Aufin! I don’t know where you’d find wax wires that small-but you
might try something I came across from IPMS plastic model builders. Take
a piece of the “trees” the parts are attached to in a model kit (or buy
some round styrene rod-Evergreen makes it-at your local hobby store) and
pull it slowly apart, rolling it in your fingers while heating it above an
alcohol lamp. it’s easy quick and you can get it down to 40 guage or
thinner. it will take and hold a curve while its still warm, or you can
set a curve in it by softening it. in very hot water. you can use liquid
plastic glues on it (sparingly) or superglues, etc. give it a
try…stretched sprue. Donal Schaffer