[Source] Watermelon tourmaline

does anybody know who i can call that handles watermelon tourmaline
slices? i am looking for small material around 8 to 9 mm in

if you know someone please post or pass this post along to them.



I’ve gotten watermelon tourmaline in those sizes (and smaller, and
larger) from www.multicolour.com.

Great service, professional, and fast. I’ve been very happy with my
purchases from them, up to and including a beautiful grey sapphire
briolette I bought from them. (I still haven’t set it, because I
can’t bear to part with it, just yet)

The tourmalines were a little included, but the inclusions were
pretty in that they added sparkle in the way the light hit them.
Also got a lovely indicolite tourmaline slice in a beautiful dark
blue that I still haven’t set because I can’t bear to part with it,
just yet. (My husband teased me about this until he fell in love
with a pietersite agate gem we bought.)

Hope this helps,

Susannah Page-Garcia
Moonshine Metal Creations
Less than a month to go- this baby’s getting heavy!