[Source] Watermelon tourmaline slice


I have a request for a nice watermelon tourmaline slice to be made
into a pendant. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Kim Starbard


I have set a watermelon tourmaline silce before in a fabricated bezel
with a bezel strip and I made sure that the bezel was filed just
above the top of the stone for a snug fit when the stone was set. I
also found if you leave all of the base plate intact without cutting
out an area under the stone the reflectiveness of the metal enhanced
the tourmaline. I used silver, but if you were to use gold you might
get a yellow tint in the tourmaline. Make sure when you actually set
it you are careful of the stone and don’t push too hard or you could
break it. Also if you use a metal bezel/prong pusher you can put
clear tape over softer stones so when you are setting the stone you
don’t stratch the stone. Good luck:)

Lauren Stineman
Brighter Shade of Blue


I just discovered Bonita Creations last weekend at the Santa Monica
Gem/Jewelry Show. They specialize in watermelon tourm slices. Their
website really doesn’t do justice to the actual work. I think I
remember Kris saying that new stock was arriving in the near future.
Their pieces are lovely. Large to very small. They are a direct
source to Brazilian mines. Hard to find tourm down there right now.
Many of the mines have been flooded and aren’t workable right now.


I’d talk on the phone w/ her. Phone, etc. is on their website.

Kay Taylor

So I follow this link, bonitacreations.com, and under fine cut gems,
every one of the one pictured on the first page of amethyst is

If anyone wants to know what a windowed gem looks like, check out
that site. Notice how around the edge of the gem there is sparkle
and good color. Center of gem is dead and color is pale. Some “fine”
cut “semi-precious” gems?

Hoo-Haa! Richard Hart