[Source] Waterbased whiteout

    ...White-Out as anti-flux:  it's best to use the water based
product if you can find it... 

Anybody have a source or product name for a waterbased whiteout?

In the UK at least - brand Tipp-Ex, type Aqua my bottle says Made in

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Here’s one: BIC Wite-Out Water Base correction fluid. Dee

Waterbased whiteout . . . I’ve found it under the product name "BIC"
Although, I think there are various others too.

I believe that new Wite-Out and Liquid Paper are both water based.
They weren’t originally, and you had to buy a thinner to keep it
workable. Now they thin with water.

I believe this is because they were afraid of kids “huffing” the

Check your local Office Supply.

Donna Marie

Hello Gordon Green, You asked about waterbased whiteout. “Liquid
Paper - Just for Copies” is like a latex paint, and is made without
solvents. This new formulation can be cautiously thinned with a drop
of water. Gillette makes it. Call some office supply companies.
Good luck, Judy in Kansas

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 waterbased whiteout.  "Liquid Paper - Just for Copies" is like a
latex paint, and is made without solvents.   

Interesting, and thought provoking comment. I wonder if white latex
paint could be used instead of water based white out???

There are several brands of water-based white out. The problems is
that none of the office supplies in USA carry it anymore. And most
won’t even order it for you! Gini

Gordon: I have used Liquid Paper “just for copies” for many years.
Older packaging said waterbased on the label, the newer label reads
"nontoxic when used as directed." I was taught that if it can be used
for photocopies it is waterbased. There is a phone number on the
label to call for questions: 1-800-884-4443. I buy it in quantity
from Staples.

— “Ellen”

It was hard to get for a while, but it’s back on the shelves in
Staples…and probably in other of the large office supply chains as
well. Dee

Do you think China White or White Watercolor in the tubes would work.
It seems to me that it would, I will try it and report back…Susan

While in Sam’s Club today, they had a special for the month of August
on the Bic Whiteout both in the liquid form and also in the pen type
dispenser. Teresa

I was there today …<Sam’a>… the white out does not say “water
base”, as a mater of fact; it states that it is “flammable”

Keep away from flames , toxic under those conditions. Any
one care to comment???


What is to be used? Barb McLaughlin

Hi Barb, Jusy yesterday I bought water based white out at Staples.
There are so many kinds of white out,it took me 10 min. to find the
right one. It is made by Bic and says water based on top of label.
I bought mine in Rochester but I’m sure Portsmouth must have it. Louise

You can also use red rouge shaving with water made up as a paste-

T use a brush dipped in alcohol and rubbed onto the rouge bar as a
solder inhibitor. Remember that rouge is an iron compound and will
contaminate pickle.