[Source] Watch heads

Hello all, Maybe someone can tell me of a source for watch heads.
I use Watch Us now and am looking for other styles and types.

Thanks for your help


Thanks for asking that question, Deb. I’m also in search of
other styles and types.

Indian Jeweler’s Supply, Rio and Watch Us carry the same kind
(the prices vary greatly! and Watch US is the the least expensive
in my experience.) I keep getting requests (from customers) for
WATER-RESISTANT, but I haven’t found any at all! I don’t want to
have to buy retail and then double or triple the price so I can
get my money back.

Please share any you receive! Thanks!

Hi! My name is Christine, I’m the Assistant Director of the
Revere Academy. I don’t have any sources for watch heads, but I
would be interested in seeing your work. Do you have any
photographs online?

I am looking for a source for funky, colorful watch heads. Can
anyone direct me to a good supplier? I am already familiar with
many of the more well known suppliers that carry the usual silver,
gold and “anodized look” watches, but those are not the ones I need.
The ones I would like to find are very funky, possibly titanium with
a variety of face designs and colors. The cases are of different
shapes and come in many colors, purples, blues, browns, etc. One of
the ones I saw had “Patina Metals” imprinted on the back of the
case. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Do any of you out there
make what I am looking for? I cannot find anything like them on the
web. Any ideas or would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for a wonderful forum and learning experience.

Trudy Edlebeck

I dont know about a source for 'funky ’ color watch cases, but I can
make the dials with about any color pattern or texture that you can
think of.Ed- Kokomo,IN @edlap

Not sure exactly what kind you are looking for but you might check

-Dee Dee