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Source wanted for emerald beads

Hi - I used to buy some rather nice emerald beads from Fire
Mountain, about $40 - 45/16" strand. They have apparently changed
sources, and the beads they have now are not well drilled, they
shrink in the middle. I need beads in close to that price range that
I can get a small headpin through. Anyone have any suggestions? I
have a special order that I can’t complete because I can’t find the
right emeralds!

Thanks in advance.
Beth in SC

Hi Beth I can’t say for sure about emerald beads, but while in Tucson
I was looking for tanzanite and ruby beads. I found a US dealer
"American Raw Materials Mgt., Inc. They are located in Lilburn GA,
outside of Atlanta. Arun was very helpful to me in determining both
the quality and price I needed for my project. You can call
770-696-5321 or email them at Good luck.

Barb in Southern NH, where spring has started to spring but snow is
predicted for the weekend.

Barbara Smith McLaughlin - Handcrafted Jewelry
166 Portsmouth Ave
Stratham, NH 03885

Hi Beth, I didn’t see your original post about emeralds (sometimes it
seems that I don’t get the first post, just replies to a topic) but
I can vouch form ARMI. I have purchased from them at shows and at
their home and I haven’t dealt with Arun but have spoken to Rampal
several times. Give them a try, they have lots and lots of mdse.
and I’ll bet they have some emeralds stashed in the back room
somewhere. :slight_smile:

Robert Bentley on W.47th Street in NY has wonderful emerald
beads–and wonderful stones in general.


Just checked Robert Bentley’s web site and he does indeed have
emerald beads and lots of other goodies. His website is:

Robert Bentley is an excellent source for stones. He is honest and
has good quality merchandise.

Catherine Jewell