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[Source] Velcro fabric

Does anyone know where to find the loop or “vel” side of velcro
fabric by the yard? Rio has pads covered with it and sells sticky
backed patches of the loop or “cro” side which you can put on the
backs of earring or pin cards, but I’d like to back my existing
vertical cases with it and have been unable to find it.

Janet Kofoed

Dear Karl and Janet,

Try a local fabric/sewing/quilting notions store, or try, they have 3/4" white velcro at .99 a yard.

Try a fabric shop, like Joann Fabrics. I’ve bought it by the yard
but you have to buy it as a set.


I have seen velcro fabric at Joann Fabrics and Crafts which is a
chain. You may also find it at teacher supply stores as it is
commonly used for bulletin boards!–Vicki

Dear Janet,

Any decent fabric supply store will have rolls of it. I’ve gotten it
at the fabric department of Wal-Mart and similar stores. You can also
get it at industrial supply houses such as W. W. Grainger &
McMaster-Carr – they have standard and super heavy duty types.

    Michael Knight

Fabric stores and suppliers sell velcro/ web and loop materials in
sticky-back or unsticky versions. Widths of material vary from 3/8
inch to 2 inches. Wider widths are available from fabric/sewing
wholesalers. 3M also produces and sells velcro in regular and
industrial strength.

Take Care

Carl-Eric Lindgren
Dragonfly Design ltd.

Janet, I had the same problem when I was trying to line some large
display cases to which I wanted to attach photos. You can go to the
home improvement store (Home Depot is where I found it) and get the
cheapest outdoor carpet that you can find. It usually comes in black
and has a sort of felted surface that is perfect to attach the velcro
to. Good luck, Deb Karash

Hi, Janet,

Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft (US domestic chain) has velcro (both sides) in
reels, much like those that ribbon come on. Although it is available
in several widths on the reels, I haven’t seen it in “fabric width”.
I would imagine any full-service fabric store would offer the same if
a Jo-Ann’s isn’t near you. Here’s their web:

Leslie (near Annapolis, MD USA)

Try well stocked fabric stores in the ribbon, drapery or notions
section. That’s where I have gotten it in bulk strips by the yard.
They should sell both sides.


Why not go to the local fabric store with the hook stuff, and see
what it sticks to. Fuzzy knits, upholstry fabric with loops are
candidates. Another idea is the carpet that you can glue down, from
the home supply store - like Home Depot. I use velcro a lot, and it
sticks like crazy to the carpet I use to cover my show case bases.

Judy Hoch, Lakewood Colorado, just west of Denver where the tomatoes
are ripe and sweet.


G’day; But it IS about another method of displaying light objects
including A4 papers, photos, etc. Take a piece of old blanket the
size of the piece of board or the case and fasten it against the back.
Fasten a small piece of coarse sandpaper (50 grit or less) to the
back of the object, etc, and simply put the sandpaper against against
the blanket - it will stick there vertically until needed. LoTech,
eh? – John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ

i don’t think i dreamed this. but sometimes when i go back to
investigate something i saw in passing, it is not exactly the way i
remembered it. but, i seem to recall seeing large “sheets” of it in
jo-ann etc fabric and craft store. i didn’t pay close attention, but
what i remember is that it was being used to build a bulletin board
for sewers.

jo-ann etc is the larger version of a chain fabric store here in
columbus, ohio.

i hope i am remembering this correctly. i will look the next time i
am there, but i bet you will want to finish your project before i get
back there again.

Jean Adkins

It seems from most of the replies that have been made on this topic,
that there is some confusion between velcro in narrow widths–3/4
inch to 2 inches–and actual velcro fabric. Joann fabrics sells
velcro fabric–60 inches wide–for $19.99 per yard in gray. The
fabric is the soft or loop side of the velcro. It has a thin foam type
of backing and feels much like headliner fabric used in cars. You can
then purchase packages of 3/4 inch wide hook velcro tape–I believe it
is a 10 foot roll–with a self stick back. You can also purchase
packages of the hook velcro dots with a self stick back. Joann’s also
had 30’ X 60" rolls of the fabric prepackaged for $19.99 in gray,
royal blue and red. Teacher supply stores often carry these
prepackaged rolls. In my other life, I’m a teacher and I have used
this fabric on chart racks and bulletin boards. The self-stick dots
can be attached to a multitude of things which can be easily placed
and removed from the boards.

Another alternative is to place the loop side of velcro tape (or
strips) in rows on your display. You can attach jewelry cards or
whatever in neat little rows this way also. I hope this clears up
some of the confusion!–Vicki

My local Joann’s can’t get velcro fabric any more. They showed me
headliner fabric, which didn’t hold the velcro tabs I’d brought along
to try. I’ve requested a product package from velcro
Canada for the real thing. Let’s see what that does.

Thanks to all who responded to my question. The search continues, but
better targeted now.

Janet Kofoed

Try any fabric store or craft store. Velcro is a great closure for
kids clothes. Store like Ben Franklin Crafts, Jo-Ann Fabric etc.
just to mention a few stores in the New England area.
Barb McLaughlin

I’ve purchased velcro fabric in large rolls about 36 x 96 at JoAnn
Fabrics. They have it in a few colors and it’s packaged in large
clear plastic tubes.

It cost about $20.00 for that piece. I used it on some display pieces
that I no longer use. It worked great - never had to chase anything
even on windy days at outdoor shows.

Sharon Beadecked and Beaddicted Akron, OH