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[Source] Used Shor Simplicity Gold Refining System

I did a lot search in the archives on this system. Seems like many
people have found frustation in using this system and have offered to
sell or give away their system…

I thought I could maybe save some money since I want to experiment a
project with it. If anyone has a system in good condition and would
like to get rid of it, please contact and let me know. Thanks!

Teddy Wu
Talent Jewelry Mfg, LLC

Hi all,

I have been playing with the idea of buying one of these also.

I haven’t seen any of the posts where you state that the Simplicity
is not that simple. Could you share more with me?

If the simplicity is not the best way, then what do you suggest? I
may be in need of doing some refining, and in Guatemala, is
Out-of-the-question to send it to refine on Mexico or the States.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Juan Pablo Martenez Mansilla
Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala, Centroamerica.