[Source] Used equipment

Hi, folks! I’m wondering whether anyone knows of any good
sites/places/forums to find used equipment. I’m looking for some of
the usual kinds of things (Smith torch or equivalent, etc) but also
some less usual (anodizer for titanium,rectifier for electroforming)
and would love to hook up with someone who has something I need
(want?) gathering dust. Appreciate any help! Email me director
post–I’m probably not the only one!

Noel Yovovich

I think there are bound to be plenty of us looking for good used
equipment. Perhaps Orchid might consider raising money for its
overhead by having a listing on its MasterBoard BBS and inviting a
reasonable donation of a percentage of the sale. I’d be glad to
contribute as such. David L. Huffman

Dear David GREAT idea …I have a few things in the shop I would like
to sell and would even love to help out with the cost of running this
fine resource Ron

I would like to add my support to the creation of a used equipment
marketplace that would help Orchid and its members. I love to buy
used equipment because I often feel that older tools are made better
than newer ones, even though that’s not always the case. I guess I’m
into recycling and feeling an imagined sense of history or of past
lives connected to the tools I use. I was lucky enough to receive many
tools from the old David Webb workshop as a gift from a close family
friend (and amazing jeweler! I’m not worthy!) and I feel more
comfortable with those tools than with many I have bought as new. I
was also lucky enough to come across an old machinist/toolmaker’s
tool box at a flea market and because the dealer was only interested
in the toolchest, I walked away with many beautiful, old Starrett and
Brown & Sharpe tools for a song. I think it’s a crime for wonderful,
functional tools to be sitting around gathering rust or filling up
garbage dumps and junkyards. I know that many of my fellow students
are looking for used equipment, so I am sure there would be a large
demand for used jewelry equipment if a forum was created for its
sale, but I also know it is a lot of work keeping the various parts of
the Orchid service up and running. I would like to know what Hanuman
thinks about the idea.

Hi youal, W.L. Cotton Gems & Minerala, Ltd P.O. Box 396
Hebbronville, Tx 78361 Phone (512)527-3614 FAX (512)527-3615.
Sometime they have used equipment for sale. I haven’t bought any of
this, but have bought other things. Thry have always treated me
right. Good people to do business with. Silverbear

I agree with David Huffman about a used equipment sale list with a
percentage going to Orchid for Hanuman. NET