[Source] Unusual cabochons

I am looking for a good wholesale supplier of unusual, colorful, and
imaginatively cut cabochons in sets with pairs and matching pendant
stone. I am amazed at how many cutters still just do ovals and
round, and if they do venture into freeform shapes, they are
somewhat amorphous.

Suggestions anyone?

P.S. Still haven’t made it to the Tucson show, but hoping to get to
go this coming year.

J. S. Ellington

Hi, J.S.E.,

I don’t know whether they wholesale, but I like the
types/quality/shapes of stones produced by the Silverhawk family,
Silverhawk's designer gemstones. Variety of cabochons and a reasonable price.

They never show rounds or ovals on their site, and the shapes are
definately not what I’d call “amorphous”.

Silverhawk Designer Gemstones

Help others make informed buying decisions with Silverhawk Designer
Gemstones. We welcome your opinions and experiences with their
products, ordering, customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Good luck!

Just recently had the chance to meet Robert Lowe, of this list, and
see his selection of stones, and he had quite a range of cabs, plus
some very originally cut faceted stones, plus he custom cuts. One
word of caution…seeing Robert’s stones is dangerous…you will
walk away with MUCH less money than you had going in !

The e-mail address I have for him says it is only good until April
1, so not sure how you would contact him now - maybe he’ll see this
post and let us know. He was at Tucson, GJX#205 if anyone has a

Usual disclaimers, just a satisfied customer.

Beth in SC



That should keep you busy for a while :-)!



For unusual cabs I go to Sam Silverhawk

His stones are of the best quality and he has quite an eye for
composition and designer shapes. His gemstones are so popular
though they usually sell out within hours of them being put up, so I
suggest that you sign up for the mailing list so you have a chance.
He said he would be putting up some tonight and on Monday and then
the cheaper stones go up on Tuesday.

Good Luck,

Pietersite (Quartz). We are the US distributor and stock calibrated
cabs to 40mm and free form. I can match pairs and suites.

Jewelers prefer Pietersite to create cuff links, bolo ties, and
unusual custom pendants or to fill odd request like ‘earth tones’ or
‘inexpensive opal likes gemstone.’

Our link to a 1000 photographs is here:

Website is ‘keystone’

Ed Cleveland

    I don't know whether they wholesale, but I like the
types/quality/shapes of stones produced by the Silverhawk family,

I’m with Noel. Steve cuts the most wonderful cabs I have ever seen.
He seems to have a true sense of the stone before he cuts it. He
chooses the most fabulous patterns and placement of those patterns on
the surface. WOW !! I cut stones but will never be as good as he is.
Some people are just born to do certain things. I think it is in his

Take a look at his site, you will like what you see.


We see someone recommended out site. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can see a some of our cabochons starting from the following link.


You will see Finland Spectrolite, Maw Sit Sit, Kyanite, Agates,
Jaspers, etc. We are in the process of cutting a lot of new material
(Teal Kyanite, Green Kyanite, Pietersite, Black Tourmaline and

james carpenter
Unconventional Lapidarist

Website is 'keystone' 

Hi, Ed,

Are you saying that we (I) would not be paying the prices listed on
your site, but half that? Boy, if that is correct, Oh boy! How do we
get the wholesale price to “ring up”?


Another couple good sources that I haven’t seen listed yet are:

  • CR Designs: CL, the cutter, does great cabs in top grade agates and
    jaspers, is a first class guy to deal with, and is a jewellery maker
    AND will cut custom stones. Website http://www.crdesignsidaho.com, on
    ebay as

  • Topgems: again great work, very unique stones, occasionally does
    sets. Website http://topgems.homestead.com/, on ebay as

Ebay references removed - Sorry no Ebay links on Orchid

Trevor F. in The City of Light

Don’t forget Gerry & Mary “We Cut Rocks” Galarneau, folks - I think
Gerry says a magic spell to get such a perfect high polish - and
pricing is great.


Happy customer. Gerry stones outsell nearly everything else for me
at higher end silver at galleries.


One of my favorites I don’t believe anyone has mentioned is Donald K.
Olson, 760.758.2388. I don’t think he has a website but I’ve bought
from him at the intergem shows in Santa Monica and in Tucson. He has
fabulous, bring you to your knees cabs and a couple of enticing
little closeout boxes of affordables.

Hi Noel,

Are you saying that we (I) would not be paying the prices listed
on your site, but half that? Boy, if that is correct, Oh boy! How
do we get the wholesale price to "ring up"? 

Yes, keystone. You pay 50% of the online price. Large quantity and
cash purchases can wheel & deal as you like. Make an offer. I’ll
occasionally sell at cost and below to keep things moving. My total
expenses are less than $1000 per month so I can afford to do this.
I’m always testing new product.

Ed Cleveland