[Source] Undrilled pearls 9mm with good rep

Hello folks! Looking for a good source for pearls- have a request
from a bride to be for a pearl necklace… Ive never purchased
pearls before- know and pre-read on the nacre, luster, and colors…
just cant find a seller or vendor of repute that will have what I

Looking for a 9mm UNDRILLED pink or creme or ivory pearl… good
depth and thickness to the nacre and luster. Im looking at
purchasing more than one if the initial project works out…

Any thoughts (and yes- considered flying to Thailand and South
Pacific to find one… but its a bit cost prohibitive, the customs
stuff would be a hassle…and Im probably not going to be able to
book a flight before the necklace is due… sooooo- here I am-HA!)

Any help is appreciated- thanks!
Duncan- SilverForgeStudio

Try Emiko Pearls Interantional in Seattle. 425-646-0111 They will
have what you need.